The ECW TV Championship

Posted: 03/01/2009 in Uncategorized

Nearing the latest ultimate X match , i dont get why the TNA cut lose three of their best X division guys. Eric Young ,Petey Williams , and a few days later Sonjaqy Dutt were all cut loss from TNA the past week or so and it begs the question, with one of your biggest PPV involving the X division without some of it’s biggest stars.
Of the three, Eric Young i could maybe understand because lately he hasn’t been a major point in the MEM ,frontline storline . When they tell you not to react to the Pyro , its a good sign your on the way out. Wiliams and Dutt are a different story . Petey Williams was a well liked guy that behind the scences didn’t bitch and was a very good worker . And Dutt, from all I have heard, is when of the biggest stars in India next to the crippled giant that the WWE employ’s .
My thoughts are this , ECW needs to be propped up and there needs to be another title . RVD held the ECW TV Titile for 2 years and the only reason he lost it was he had a broken leg. Why not bring back the ECW TV belt and let the Cruiserweights go after it . Pending the injury of Jamie Noble they have enough bodies to at lest make it interesting. And if they add at least 2 out of the three X division guys that TNA cut coudnt hurt. they are already talking to Dutt and Williams has a good backstage rep so i dont see the down side.


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