Draft Segment What ever

Posted: 04/14/2009 in Uncategorized

the next match for a pick is Punk vs Matt Hardy . kinda puts a damper on my thoughts about the MITB comming in to play tonight. Hardy wins when Jeff comes in and jumps Mattthe pick for raw completes the title swap with the Women when Diva champ Maryse comes to Raw.
Jericho strolls out representing Smack Down now and his opponenet is the inovator of Violence Tommy Dreamer . he fought well but lost the pick . it was Rey Mysterio going to Smack Down
to the Main event, the idea is to divide and counquer HHH , Shane ,And Batistaas they take on Priceless in a 2 on three handicap match. I’m still not convinced that Punk wont come out and cover a decimated HHH just to move the belt back to Smack Down this match I have little interest in but just to complete the evening , HHH got the fall despite the fact that shane and Batista didnt play nice so next monday is the next chapter in the Orton HHH saga.


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