Random news and Notes

Posted: 04/30/2009 in Uncategorized

Its been a little while , Im stil having a few system issues that i hope i have finally got resolved . the show sunday was a lot better then I thought its was going to be . Cena in the search light was a nice touch at the end. they have had a good push off post Wrestle Mania . lets just hope that they head in the right direction.
Rumours abound over the net that Jeff Hardy has rebuffed multiple offers of a long term deal to resign with the WWE. Claiming that he is burned out on the travel schuedle and wants to pursue other things. well come to find out to day , there are some reports from some of his friends that are saying that he is really angling for a reduced schedule like the Undertaker and HBK and that there may be a reality show in the works with MTV. Whatever his motives ,he is smart enough to know that between injuries , other people taken time off to do movies and such, he might have enough leverage to get what he wants.
major changes in the Run up to Judgment day . the scramble match to dettermine the number one contender for the Worrld heavyweight championship has been changed to a fatal four way . have no idea who got droped off the match or who won it. first in line after a title change usually doesnt amount to that much , but its odd that they would do that in such a way when all of their adds are already out on the air.
last week in TNA , an old friend popped up on the radar as a particapent in 3D’s tag team tournement . Trevor Murdoch showed up as Jethro Holliday , Eric youngs partner and they one their first round match . now we hear that TNA is talking to Lance cade with the hopes of bringing him in . if this is a strategy of pushing tag teams as an alternative to what the WWE is doing about Tag teams which is nothing .


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