Booking In my Head

Posted: 05/05/2009 in Uncategorized

Well ,they have finnally gone and done it, they are gonna re consititute one of the most famous factions of all time . they have beeen pushing the new Hart Foundation for well over a year and now it appears that they are finnally going to be together as a group on ECW. my guestion is , what does this do to legacy . why have two different second generation factions when combining them you could create a storyline for atleast two of the three shows ,thus bolstering TV ratings for both of the shows.
Make priceless goe to ECW and extend an invite for the Harts to consider joining Legacy, in an attempt to control both Raw and ECW. I know it sounds a little NWO vs NWO Wolfpac but the beauty of this is that the second you put these two together , you have a reason to pull them apart because of ego and Ortons Paranoia . if you want ratings up on all shows , the best way to do it might be to connect all three shows.
With the under taker going under the knife and Jeff Hardy’s future in question , i see some people getting fasttracked back to main event status . Punk is definitly one of those people. Two time MITB match winner puts him in line for his second title run. But dont be surprised if they turn punk , who has done some good work in ROH as a heel. if they do it right could prop up smack down no matter what network it lands on . another interesting development from smack down is that Morrison is Know a Face. this one is going to be a much tougher sell. The polyester Lizard King as I like to call him is a tough sell as a good guy given the past couple of yeas . but i think that if you start him out with some one that was hated worse then he was you might have a starting point.


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