Random Notes from Cyber Space

Posted: 05/13/2009 in Uncategorized

well they finally did it . they finally pulled the trigger on an idea that has been floating around in the ether for quite a long time. DH Smith, now known as David Hart Smith, is now on ECW paired with his former partner ,Tyson Kidd , and Natalya Niedhart in what undoubtedly will be some sort version of the Hart Foundation. Now that this has happened what do you do with them. Do you make them some sort of branch of legacy that is going to take over ECW. I like that idea but you still run into problems with what to do with Natalya. Do you pair them as a tag team and give them a push against the Colon Brothers. again another good idea to give the tag team division a jump start. I think they may have Hamstrung themselves a bit by putting them on ECW but we shall see.
In an effort to utilize Jericho’s talents as best they can a new match has been a new match announced for judgment day. Rey Mysterio and Jericho are going to launch what will probably be a fairly long program this sunday when they meet in the ring for the Intercontinental title. givin Jerich’s work over the past year this one should be a good one . two of the best in ring guys working things out on their own without Creative or Manegment talking in either ear. lets hope they give more of the top level guys more Lee way to work thngs out on their own .
For some reason , Melina is not copping with the move to Smack Down all that well. so much so that the company has gone out of their way to pit her and John Morrison together on the same show because they seeing each other again. Well I hope she gets it together soon because she has a few people that are going to pushing her to get that belt from around her waist. At the top of the list would have to be Gail Kim given the amount of Money they spent to get her and the fact that she has been kept on the shelvefor so long. Melina and Gail would be a great Match and more to the point , a great Program that could last for awhile. The Diva’s are still lagging behind the TNA Knockouts and the Knockouts are nowhere near as good as they where last year.


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