Thoughts on Exterme Rules last night

Posted: 06/08/2009 in Uncategorized

Well its always a good time when the WWE gets to play ECW for the one night a year it really wants to. and last night didnt disapoint a bit. If it wasnt for the stupid hog pin thing , this PPV would be the best of the year for the WWE
starting off , big props to Kofi Kingston for defending his newly aquired US title in a fatla Four way last night . Kingston is really making the jump to main event performer at light speed pace when you consider he’s still only in his second year. you can tell he’s paying attention the he is always incorperating new move3s on his segments . the big thing to come out of this is where does MVP go from here. Is he one the top end know or isnt he.I wonder how the title hierarchy is going to [play out on raw.
Next up is Rey Mysreio vs Chris Jericho for the IC belt. Jericho as usual put on his little five minute speech about what a hypocrite Rey is for wearing a mask and how he was going to rip the mask off his face and then take his IC title away and put it around his own waist for a record ninth time . And while this was one of the best matches of the night, I have one complaint , It is always being said that Rey is more Kid friendly , and that they are trying to make family and kid friendly show. well if you look down the ramp and see all those kids wearing masks , and then you rip off their hero’s mask and have him lose trying to signature move, what are you saying to a part of your fan base. If the argument against Cena turning Heel is they wont sell any Cena Merchandise , then the same should apply to taking off Rey’s Mask.
You dont Pull the mask off of Little kids hero’s for any reason at all.
The Chicago Made Punk and the Samoan Bulldozer are next up in a Samoan strap match . this was a high impact match that was as it turns out a big smoke screen to what was going to happen later in the evening . Punk put down Umaga with a GTS and hit the forth Turnbuckle and get the win. I never understood this feud but i finally got it it the end of the show.
Next up is a three way dance for the ECW belt. the Champ Christian vs Jack Swagger vs the Last ECW original Tommy Dreamer. The hook was that Dreamer’s contract was extended one more day for this last shot at the title . they had been pushing this one for a little while and I was thinking that this was Tommy’s send off but now im thinking that this is a way for the New Hart Faction to get over on ECW .the match it self was a classic ECW three way with Swagger getting the most the abuse ,and Dreamer hitting the DDT on christian for the win.
Next up Hog pen, who give a crap. the only thing I really think about this whole thing is without edge , Vicki’s act just isn’t really working as well as it did with Edge . If she isnt actually helping someone on the show then she’s just comic relief and god knows they have more then enough of that.
Next up we have in a cage the WWE Champ Randy Orton vs the Animal Batista. this one really thru me for a loop because from the opening bell, most of Orton’s energy was focused on getting out of the cage and he took a big Beating because of it . with Batista taking the title , who turns heel. Batista , cena , or HHH. I certainly hope the show a little creativity and a lot of Balls and thinl about Cena as the bad guy for once.
Speaking of which , the worst match of the night, Cena and the Big Show , was the next one . If this isnt proof that Cena’s charactor is getting stale , then I dont know what will. even the ending didnt help when Show’s foot got unhooked from the bottom rope half way through the hold. this match was a dumb idea from the drawing board.
And now the carnage that was the main event . Edge vs Hardy for the world heavyweight championship. this one delivered bigtime everyone new it would . from Hardy dropping Edge in the middle of an upside down ladder to the end of stuffing edge down the ladder while he was a foot away getting the belt .what happened next no one saw comming, CM punks music started to play and he came out . two GTS’s later we have a new champ thirty seconds after Hardy won the championship, Bravo exceelent idea, but is Punk turning Heel is the big question. Hardy may not resign and Im sire Edge is looking for a little time after last night.
In the end , it was a great show but it didnt answer a whol;e lot of questions and it created a few more. cant wait for tonight to see where it goes.


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