News : WWE trades

Posted: 06/30/2009 in Uncategorized

In addition to Swagger , Bourne , And Henry going to Raw, they will be joined by Gail Kim and Alica Foxx. Moving over to Smack Down is Matt Hardy , Finlay and the Hart Dynasty ,Natalya, Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith. And Headed to the land of extreme William Regal, Goldust , Shelton Benjamin , and the Bella Twins. Well were do I start .

I’m guessing the biggest reason for doing this is to prop up Raw . well they pulled that part of it off. Swagger , Bourne , and Henry made a big splash tonight. Gail Kim will really help the Diva’s and Foxx’s skill will be refined being around all of the good Diva talent on Raw.
Matt and Jeff are now on the same show but they are supposedly feuding and Jeff might be gone soon so i don’t know how much this helps Smack Down. Finlay is always a plus where ever he is, but i still think they should have kept him on ECW and let him hold the belt for a bit. The Hart Dynasty defiantly needed a step up and Natalya needs to get back in the ring.
And in the land of Extreme , Goldust, I don’t get , Benjamin well they’ve tried it before , Regal well lets face facts he’s lucky to still be with the company. and why stick the Bells twins on a show that has no other women .
Well odds are they aren’t done , lets just hope they don’t go to far


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