Raw report

Posted: 06/30/2009 in Uncategorized

One night removed from a fairly decent PPV , a tournament was announced to settle on a number one contender for the WWE strap at Night of Champions . HHH vs MVP and Cena vs The Miz . Last Night the three stages of hell took a lot out of HHH and in his first match he barely got past a MVP. I no where this headed and its just more of the same . HHH and Orton or Cena Vs Orton . same shit different week . Cena in his new John Deere wear , is the fresher of the two so I’m guessing it will be him . they missed the boat Sunday night by not letting Miz get over last night . threes no way he’ll win tonight in something like this.
Biggest thing that is bugging me right now is you have two of your main heels from Smack Down are now going to be defending both sets of tag belts. With Edge talking about turning face , is this a way for them to get them to go after each other in a program . and where does this leave Punk face or heel. It’s getting harder and harder to gauge which way creative is going when they make things up and change things on a weekly basis.
Under the guise of blaming trump, they have shifted around some 15 wrestlers from all three brands . Orton has to take on three of them in a Gauntlet match, and the first one to move to Raw is Evan Bourne. Again now their going to gut ECW to prop up Raw . This loss doesn’t Help the new Hart Faction . Next one is an even bigger surprise , Jack Swagger is now on Raw. still even bigger , Swagger took him off his feet and the walkout and let him self be counted out. And the last one Mark Henry almost did the same thing but at the start of the count grabbed the ref arm got back in the ring and throw Orton around like a rag doll. Henry hit the Worlds Strongest slam and picked up the win. Wow what the hell is going on, an original idea with supposedly mid card talent ,what will they think of next.


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