Posted: 01/08/2010 in pro wrestling
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Squared Circle Blog: Monday Fallout

Marla Tolbon on Jan 7, 2010


More on The TNA show and how it went 

“ Squared Circle Blog” Monday Night Fallout

The chatter on the net has mainly been about Jeff Hardy and how he screwed over the WWE by signing a TNA contract . Well yeah but lets just say that they got their pound of flesh out of him before he got away. Hardy’s style has always been a little different and if he can pro long his career by working a lighter schedule , more power to him. I think that signing Jeff was more about what they could take away from Vince since it is being reported that there was a verbal commitment to come back to the WWE in time for WM 26. I think that Jeff wants time to explore other parts of his life and working for TNA will give him the chance to do so. The big question will always be can he stay clean and can he get out from under his current situation he is in and also is he going to be more then an X division guy. Only time will tell.


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