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Latest Wrestling News

First Look At UFC Undisputed 2010 Video Game (VIDEO)
(REDIRECT) If you aren’t yet anxiously awaiting the release of UFC: Undisputed 2010, you will be after getting a look at this video of actual game footage…

Sting’s Future, Hogan & Flair, Backstage Mood In TNA
Hulk Hogan & Ric Flair are coming out of retirement to wrestle each other on March 8th .. Plus, Sting not really mentioned in TNA and more

*Spoilers* WWE SmackDown Tapings Results For Friday
Complete spoiler results for Friday’s edition of WWE Smackdown .. Edge vs. The Miz in the Main Event

BTLS Responds To Kong Suing Him For Racist Threats
Bubba The Love Sponge has issued a statement addressing allegations from Awesome Kong that he threatened her and called her some disgusting racist names

WWE Star Says Interview Comments Were Taken Out Of Context
Cryme Tyme’s Shad claims his comments about WWE’s PG-rated product were taken out of context

Update On This Year’s Hall of Fame Class, Meet Shawn Michaels
Who will headline this year’s WWE Hall of Fame class? Plus – fans have the opportunity to meet Shawn Michaels this Saturday

Triple H Turning Heel, Jericho Pokes Fun At McIntyre, More
“The Game” is looking to turn heel… Plus – Chris Jericho pokes fun at Drew McIntyre

Kong Sues BTLS, March 8th iMPACT! Will Have Overrun
Awesome Kong sues BTLS over a pretty disturbing phone call .. Plus, Spike TV has granted TNA Wrestling an 8-minute overrun for the March 8th edition of iMPACT!, the first night of the new Monday night war.

Shad Says WWE Isn’t PG, Compares Wrestling On TV To Porn
The Cryme Tyme member says WWE isn’t PG programming

NXT News: TV-14 Rating, Filming At FCW, Otunga’s Wedding
Lots of NXT news .. Tuesday’s show was rated TV-14, but what about WWE being TV-PG? Plus, NXT rookie David Otunga says he’d marry fiance Jennifer Hudston in an NXT ring

WWE Movie News: Batista & Randy Orton’s Projects
WWE Studios has several movies in development .. Get the latest on two movies that will star Randy Orton and Batista

Hulkamania Tour Company Bankrupt, Orlando Jordan Storyline
The company behind Hulk Hogan’s Australian tour has “gone under” .. Plus, news on the Orlando Jordan bi-sexual storyline and TNA stopping live events?

Latest Video Blog From Matt & Jeff Hardy
In their latest video blog, Matt and Jeff Hardy are broadcasting from … Cracker Barrel

McMahon’s Reacton To Danielson, WWE Purchases Tape Library
Vince McMahon’s reacton to Bryan Danielson’s WWE NXT debut.. Plus – WWE adds another video library to its already plentiful collection

Raw Guest Hosting Ending, McIntyre Mocked Backstage, More
It appears that weekly Raw guest hosts will soon be a thing of the past.. Plus – find out the nickname given to Drew McIntyre backstage

Former WWE Superstar Re-signs, Daniel Bryan’s NXT Debut A Hit
A former WWE Tag Team Champion has re-signed with the company.. Plus – notes on WWE The Music: A New Day and Daniel Bryan

Update On Melina’s Return, Raw Star Becomes A Father, More
When you can expect Melina to return to the ring

WWE NXT Rating Is In For Debut Episode (Press Release)
How did WWE NXT draw compared to ECW or TNA? Press release from WWE and SyFy ..

WWE Signs New British Diva Jemma Palmer (Pictures)
Meet Jemma Palmer, the latest Diva to sign with WWE .. The 24 year old British beauty will report to Florida Championshpi Wrestling next month

Update On Michael Cole’s Anti-Internet Rant On NXT
During the main event of WWE NXT last night, announcer Michael Cole went off on a rant against “smart” wrestling fans who read the “sheets” and know about Independent wrestling

Daniel Bryan Injured During NXT Match With Jericho (Pictures)
NXT rookie suffered some nasty scrapes on his back and leg during his match with Chris Jericho last night when he dove out of the ring .. His back is alllll messed up

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