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The Monday Night War Numbers Disappoint
MARCH 10, 2010
The numbers are in for round one of the Monday Night Wars of 2010 and neither WWE nor TNA put up impressive numbers.  TNA Wrestling made the decision to move Impact to Monday nights following a successful 1.5 cable rating they did on January 4th.  Hoping they could capitalize on that success, the company only put up a 0.98 cable rating this past Monday night with a total of 1,361,000 viewers.  While the feeling in TNA is they will build off this number and it is a “marathon” not a “sprint” to become competitive, there has to be a lot of disappointment.  The one thing  find baffling is why TNA did not move Impact to the 8-10 PM timeslot where they would only be competing with WWE Raw for one hour.  Remember the 8 PM hour on January 4th was their strongest hour as that hour did a 1.69 followed by identical 1.33 cable ratings.  The January 4th show averaged 2,200,000 viewers which is nearly 839,000 viewers more than this past Monday.  Time will only tell if the move was smart but one can only wonder why they didn’t move to the earlier timeslot.
WWE Raw on the other hand only did a 3.4 cable rating off hours of 3.25 and 3.5.  The show featuring Criss Angel as guest host averaged 5,091,000 viewers.  TNA clearly took a bite out of WWE’s audience as they did a 3.7 cable rating off hours of 3.56 and 3.78 last week with an average of 5,320,000 viewers.  229,000 less watched Raw this week than last week.  They may have watched TNA or they may have watched something else but the fact is Wrestlemania is drawing closer and WWE doesn’t want to be losing their audience. 
WWE has already loaded up next week’s edition of Raw, declaring it Wrestlemania rewind night and announcing a very strong lineup on a show that features Steve Austin as guest host.  Going against a taped TNA show will be John Cena vs. Big Show, World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels, Triple H vs. Randy Orton and Steve Austin presiding over the contract signing to Vince McMahon vs. Bret Hart.
TNA is certainly fighting an uphill battle and it will be interesting to see if this week’s show was strong enough to retain an audience that can go against Wrestlemania rewind night.  Click here to read full taping results for next week’s edition of TNA Impact. 
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TNA CONFIDENT HARDY WILL BEAT DRUG CHARGESTNA officials seem to be confident Jeff Hardy will be found “not guilty” on felony drug charges later this month as they have signed him to a contract. Hardy worked the January 4th Impact on a per-show deal but worked this week’s TVs under a contract.  Hardy was telling people how happy he was to be in TNA last night and his significant other Beth Britt has formed a good friendship with TNA president Dixie Carter. Read More >>
GETTING TO KNOW RHODES  Cody Rhodes did a web chat with fans today and revealed his favorite NXT rookie is his former Kentucky roommate Skip Sheffield and he travels with Sheamus. Rhodes said Cena is the hardest working guy in WWE despite being a little cocky. Rhodes said if he was stuck on an island with anyone in the business he’d pick Gail Kim because she has “nice legs”.
MORE ON THE DEATH OF UMAGA The Houston Chronicleran an article yesterday on the death of Eddie “Umaga” Fatu reporting on the nine-page report on his death released by the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences.  A few new details were presented as Fatu’s death was classified as “accidental” and that hypertensive cardiovascular disease was noted as an additional cause of his death.  A WWE spokesman commented Tuesday to the publication saying Fatu was released from his contract with the company in June 2009 for refusing to enter a rehabilitation program related to drugs. Read More >>
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In today’s installment Richard discusses the Hornswoggle character, Justin Gabriel, if TNA will be “dead in 12 months”, and Bret Hart’s return.

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