Square Circle Blog Spring Purge

Posted: 04/24/2010 in Uncategorized

Square Circle Blog Spring Purge

“ Squared Circle Blog”

Well, the spring purges have come and gone . Nothing really earth shaking to report . This is one of those things that like death and taxes , every year soon after Wrestle Mania the dead wood gets cut from the rest of the tree. Like I said , nothing earth shaking but there were a couple of thing that in ninety or so days could blow up in their face.

Slam Master J, Mike Knox , Jimmy Wang Yang , and Kung Fu Naki all got their” Future Endeavours papers Thursday and the first thing that pops in my head , if there was a viable Tag team division in the WWE , most of these guys would still have a job.

Slam master J should have seen the writing on the wall when his tag partner Festus became the first member of the Straight Edge Society. Turning a white country boy into a rapper is just something you can only pull off if you got a guy like John Cena

Read more: http://sportales.com/martial-arts/square-circle-blog-spring-purge/#ixzz0m388O79b


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