Squared Circle Blog: Random Brain Droppings

Posted: 07/16/2010 in Uncategorized

Squared Circle Blog: Random Brain Droppings

ore Musings On NXT, and TNA.

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This past Monday on Raw, yet another pointless exercise in what passes for the creative process in the WWE was broadcast on the USA Network. I haven’t seen the numbers yet but the way this Angle is starting to get stale, I can’t imagine they are all that good.

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The hero of course was played once again by John Cena. Good enough for lonely women and the twelve and under crowd, but a hero who’s act has grown lame. While I realize that there are kids in the crowd, the kids didn’t buy the tickets, drive to the arena, pay for Parking, concessions and the Merchandise that Vince loves to have Cena Wear. It was their parents who did all that. A big flaw in the WWE‘s Marketing strategy is that love of this business called wrestling is many times Generational. It something that Parents remember when they were kids and they want to share with their own children. It is like they ignore their own demographics at times just to prove that they can.

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I really hate to poo poo the only creative thing they have done in months and I have to read the marks say how great it is and how TNA is just rehashing the ECW invasion I just come close to throwing this thing in a river some where. Yeah they are rehashing ECW, but this Nexus thing is just the repackaging of the N W O invasion. Come on people, the only way they are going to get any better is if we hold their feet to the fire on a few things. If rehashing ECW will get Heyman off of the Sidelines and back into the game, the Hash away

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