The Strange Case of Matt Hardy

Posted: 10/15/2010 in pro wrestling

The Strange Case of Matt Hardy.

“The Strange Case of Matt Hardy

Well let’s get right to it. It’s no big secret that either Matt Hardy has lost his mind or he is trying to get out of his WWE contract and go join his brother working for the Competition. He has been posting these Looney video’s on You Tube making himself look more and more like he has gone off the reservation and in his latest one he says that he has put all the wheels in motion and is waiting for the WWE to approve his release.

Image via CrunchBase


For sure the wont be in any big hurry to reunite the Hardy Brothers because whether the wont to admit to it or not, that presents a problem for them. When you inject a Hardy Boys reunion into the facts that TNA’s numbers are up, Jeff turned heel and they put the strap on him this past Sunday, and a healthy Matt is almost as big a threat to them as Jeff is , Vince Vince

doesn’t wont to put them together and will hold matt up as long as he can .

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Speaking of Jeff and what happened this past Sunday, Hogan and Bischoff get points for Balls but you have to see how it plays out before you can judge if it will work. Lets face it, take the most popular wrestler going today, and lets face all you Cena Marks out there, Hardy Pops coming to the ring like nobody else and that includes Superman Himself. It’s the N.W.O all over again and for Hardy to put his reputation on the line like this, I’m sure that in return Brother Matt will get well received when his ninety days are up. The only thing I have against this is their whole rational about not giving it to Hardy was his legal woes are hanging over his head. Well why weight and then give it to him now. Van Dam has been in play and they could have had them both in a big time feud against one and other. I also think that it would have been better in the long run to let RVD do the heel turn and have Jeff be the face in this figh

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