Mrs M goes to washington

Posted: 05/06/2011 in pro wrestling

“ Squared Circle Blog: Mrs. M Goes to Washington”

Well the midterm elections in this country are just starting to heat up and of course none is as hotter as Linda McMahon in the race for the senate seat in Connecticut . It got real heated on MSNBC’s “morning Joe” last week when Lawrence O’Donnel let into her last week saying that she hadmade money off of the blood of people who had destroyed their lives.  This is exactly why the liberals are geyying their ass handed to them right now, they’re way to Cocky. Yes the woman has been involved in a business that has an ongoing drug problem that isn’t being dealt with all of that well, but you know what , Dan Rooney is the Ambassador to Ireland .How many players from those great stellar teams  of Steelers where fueled by the juice. Steroids is a legit issue , but so is the fact that they have fought tooth and nail to keep their talent from organizing .

Down in Florida ,TNA is teasing a big announcement for the Monday night after Against All Odds. I’m sure that it will have something to do with them moving to Monday nights but who the hell knows any more . They claim to have Jeff Hardy under contract but he hasn’t popped up on any show yet. And the oddest news was the fact that Bobby Lashley has been quietly released  from TNA and he is saying that he really doesn’t know anything about it.  Well after his last fight , I have a feeling that Lashley is on to bigger and better things and having to deal with TNA on a daily basis will only slow him down. I have said this before and I’ll say it again , if Hogan and Bischoff are really wanting to play with the big dogs , they need to get all their ducks in a row first.

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