WWEhas gone off the deed end with the new Green Latern Movie

Posted: 06/15/2011 in CM Punk, IC, Miz, Morrison, Orton, pro wrestling, Raw Smack Down, WWE
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WWE has put most of the roster into groups based of the DC Comic World, The Green Lantern in honor of the movie, Green Lantern, which it would be in theaters this Friday and I am going to put them in which group from the comics are in.

The Green Lantern Corps

John Cena


Beth Phoenix

The Miz

Big Show

Kofi Kingston

The oath of the Green Lanterns (From Wikipedia):

In brightest day, in blackest night,No evil shall escape my sight.Let those who worship evil’s might,Beware my power…Green Lantern’s Light!

The Sinestro Corps


Wade Barrett

Triple H

Brodus Clay


Cody Rhodes

The oath of the Sinestro Lanterns (From Wikipedia

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