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The “Internet Wrestling Community” is a cult of fans who have one common  goal: destroy all that is good with the sport of professional wrestling  forever.

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For decades, professional wrestling was an outlet for men and women of all  ages.  It served as a soap opera for the masses, a showcase for athleticism  beyond anything in any other sport, and the intrigue of a magic act.  As  far as entertainment goes, professional wrestling was the virtual trifecta,  something for everyone.  Fans around the globe would buy tickets to cheer on their favorite babyface  champion as he battled evil villains from all walks of life.  Most of the  time, the hero won.  Bruno Sammartino, Pedro Morales, Bob Backlund, Hulk  Hogan, Bret Hart….they all battled their enemies and won in the end, showing  everyone that persistence, hard work and determination were the key components  to a heroes existence.  Every so often, a villain would prevail.  The  hero would have to start over, adding humility to their list of traits fans  fawned over.  In the end, the hero would make good on his promise to defend  the fans honor and ultimately finish off the villain forever.

Good. Clean. Fun.

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Since the “Internet Age” came upon us like a case of uncontrollable herpes in  the mid 1990s, professional wrestling has changed from a sport that we could be  proud to be fans of, to a paradise for keyboard heroes.  The “Internet  Wrestling Community” has infected the sport of professional wrestling with a  virus that it will never be able to shake.  Fans spewing hatred for those  in charge, those who make their living and feed their family by working in an  ages-old industry.  People who have nothing better to do but make fun of  the athletes who WWE states “put their bodies, their lives, on the  line.”

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