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Posted: 07/03/2011 in literature

oeCatch Ass Catch Can”

Henry sat at the end of the locker bench pondering the last year of his life and how it had gone so wrong. From two sport athlete who could write his own ticket anywhere he wanted to a struggling juco football player in the middle of an Ohio cornfield trying to get anyone to noticed him.

It had all come to a head a year ago on the night of the state championship. Henry had been named MVP of the game for his three interceptions including the one that he ran back for a touchdown to seal the game. There was a party at the starting quarterbacks house and it was like the entire town was there.

Henry was a scholarship athlete at the private school and he wasnt in with the in crowd so to speak. He kept to himself for most of the season, piling interceptions and local press to the dismay and envy of some of his more privileged teammates. The rumors had started to get around that because he really didnt show any interest in the girls at school that maybe his tastes might run towards guys. It was a completely arbitrary way of thinking but oddly enough in this case it happened to be true. Henry had been sexually conflicted for a while and was quietly coming to the realization that he was gay. His plan was to get a scholarship to a school far away. The elite of the team had other ideas.

The night of the big win, there was a big victory party at the country estate of the starting quarterbacks parents. The parents where out of town and the entire school was reveling in their victory from earlier in the evening. The music was loud, the drink was flowing, and when Henry got there, the master plan was put into place.

Henry was greeted warmly by the party guests as he made his way through the crowd of drunken high school kids. The inner circle was putting their plan into effect by setting up some video equipment in an upstairs room. They had also had called a high end escort service to get a male escort for a little internet show.

As the evening wore on and they continued to ply young Henry with shots of booze and bong hits. He was really starting to think that they all where warming up to him

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