The Palace of Wisdom | Socyberty

Posted: 07/03/2011 in literature

A workof Fan Fiction about what happens when the top athlete in the ring hooks up with the most flexible woman I have ever seen.

oe The Palace of Wisdom”

John Morrisons nude body lay on the shower room floor. Last man standing matches were the worst as far what they take out of you and this one tonight had been particular brutal. All he really cared right now was getting the bumps and bruises enough under control so he could make it back to the hotel suite. With all four shower jets pointed his way and the temperature up almost scalding , it was starting to loosen him up. His mind was drifting when he could hear female voices in the background .

oe just going to grab a quick shower and Ill meet you back at the Hotel” yelled Melina Perez as she stepped into the shower room wrapped only in a large towel. She quickly peeled the towel and stepped into the shower only to be startled by her former beau lying there on the floor.

oe Jesus John , what the Fuck are doin down there” she barked at him as he slowly raised up.

oe Whats up Mel, just chillin tryin to work out the kinks” Replied Morrison with a big shit eatin grin on his face. He scanned her naked body from head to toe while quickly scrambled to retrieve the towel and cover back up.

oe Oh come on Mel, it isnt like I havent seen it all before” he said to her still grinning from ear to ear.

She tucked the towel back in and then stared at him like she was burning two holes through his chest.

oe It was your idea to be non exclusive you know” she replied oe I have Moved on

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