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WTF, Christian at BFG, Austin at Wm 30.



Four WWE Superstars have been wished the best in their future endeavors and one has asked for her release as well.

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The following superstars have parted ways with World Wrestling Entertainment as of Friday August 5th 2011 through some roster cuts. Roster cuts had been rumored to have been occurring since before Wrestlemania 27. All of these superstars are wished the best in their future endeavors.


Long time WWE diva Melina was wished the best in her future Endeavors by WWE. Melina, a former many time Women’s and Diva’s Champion, has been a part of the WWE roster since 2004, competing in OVW as part of MNM with Joey Mecury and Johnny Nitro(now John Morrison) before getting called up to the main roster in 2005. Melina held a number of championships during her stint in World Wrestling Entertainment. A heel turn late last year put Melina in position for a bigger role but due to some comments on Twitter, she has been rumored to have rubbed WWE officials the wrong way.

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Aussie Tour

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It seems that CM Punk talks about how much respect he has for John Cena and  he also dis The Rock and Cena talks about what happened on RAW when Vince  McMahon gave John Cena an ultimatum, that if CM Punk wins, John Cena is  fired…again (Wade Barrett fired him when Cena screwed Barrett out of the title  at Survivor Series, but David Otunga demanded that Barrett higher him back or he  was kicked out of the NEXUS. So he did at the 2010 WWE

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The following was sent to from a  reader:

I found this on a casting site. WWE seems to be looking for more actors to  become wrestlers rather than wrestlers themselves. Requirements include being  young and attractive or “unique looking.” Here’s the site if any of your readers  might be thinking of auditioning.

Here is the details from

WWE Auditions – Casting for New Wrestlers

We are now hold WWE Auditions for one man and one woman  wrestlers/personality for the WWE! Are you the type of person that is that can  handle yourself in any situation? Are you into wrestling, martial arts, or are such a maniac that you know you could  handle yourself in the wring? Well the WWE is looking for 2 new faces who are  attractive or unique looking, in shape, able to handle themselves and ready to  be the next rising wrestling star. We consider this WWE Casting Call opportunity  to be a great acting opportunity for muscle-minded actors

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Was Vince right to suspend C.M. Punk for speaking his mind?

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Last week on WWE Raw C.M. Punk said many things that about WWE that it was  decided he shouldn’t have said.  For this reason he was suspended  indefinitely.  This included being stripped of his title match at Money in the Bank, which he said would be his  last match in WWE.  Was it wrong for Punk to speak his mind?  Was it  really enough to suspend him over?

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