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Big Show, Jericho  and Other Nonsemse

Booking on the fly while your talent crumbles around you.


“Big Show, Jericho, and other Nonsense”

Watching the Big Show getting into Character the past couple of weeks, I can’t help but think the wheels on the WWE machine are starting to fall off. Apparently the general dissatisfaction with Lord Tensai’s debut has thrust show back to the front of the line as the next roadblock for Superman Cena. Wow that the hell couldn’t see that coming. I don’t give a rats ass how much body hair you pull off of old Phat Albert, its still I guy you didn’t want and threw on the heap a few years ago. Now we got Show working his way into full blown monster Heel mode , like that’s real original, to face the face of the

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Back to the grindstone

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Latest wrestling blog after a long break in the action.


                                   “Back to the Grindstone”

Hello all, been away for quite a while trying to get my life in order. Well that shit isn’t working out so I have decided to come back to the one thing that keeps me sort of sane and occupies my mind enough so I don’t dwell on how my life is going right now.

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Cena Rant

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Over the Ropes

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