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Posted: 05/31/2012 in Cena, CM Punk, Orton, pro wrestling
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Big Show, Jericho  and Other Nonsemse

Booking on the fly while your talent crumbles around you.


“Big Show, Jericho, and other Nonsense”

Watching the Big Show getting into Character the past couple of weeks, I can’t help but think the wheels on the WWE machine are starting to fall off. Apparently the general dissatisfaction with Lord Tensai’s debut has thrust show back to the front of the line as the next roadblock for Superman Cena. Wow that the hell couldn’t see that coming. I don’t give a rats ass how much body hair you pull off of old Phat Albert, its still I guy you didn’t want and threw on the heap a few years ago. Now we got Show working his way into full blown monster Heel mode , like that’s real original, to face the face of the

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Over the Ropes

Posted: 12/12/2011 in pro wrestling
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Four WWE Superstars have been wished the best in their future endeavors and one has asked for her release as well.

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The following superstars have parted ways with World Wrestling Entertainment as of Friday August 5th 2011 through some roster cuts. Roster cuts had been rumored to have been occurring since before Wrestlemania 27. All of these superstars are wished the best in their future endeavors.


Long time WWE diva Melina was wished the best in her future Endeavors by WWE. Melina, a former many time Women’s and Diva’s Champion, has been a part of the WWE roster since 2004, competing in OVW as part of MNM with Joey Mecury and Johnny Nitro(now John Morrison) before getting called up to the main roster in 2005. Melina held a number of championships during her stint in World Wrestling Entertainment. A heel turn late last year put Melina in position for a bigger role but due to some comments on Twitter, she has been rumored to have rubbed WWE officials the wrong way.

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